Who are we?


Welch Road Productions is an independent video production company located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Our talented team of creators are committed to providing content that is unique and right for you. Our goal is to tell your story through sincerity and powerful emotion. Welch Road Productions specializes in wedding videography, aerial imaging, and freelance projects.


Sam and Kayley are AMAZING! While planning for our wedding, my husband and I were debating whether we wanted to book a videographer. We came across Welch Road Productions after they filmed a friend’s wedding in the Baraboo area. From our first encounter with them, they were straightforward, easy to work with. The day of the wedding, they were absolutely fantastic. We barely noticed them filming and they caught all the big and small (but meaningful) moments of the day. Then, the video was so absolutely amazing and beautiful and we received it so quickly! Thank you Sam and Kayley for giving us such a fantastic memory of our day! Would highly recommend them!!
— Hayley V.
Sam and Kayley are beyond impeccable. Our wedding video is one of our most treasured things from our wedding. There is nothing like being able to rewatch the happiest day of your life! They are so artistic and creative and will emphasize the most beautiful parts of your wedding. I 100% recommend them to any of my friends/family that are in need of a wedding videographer. They just know what they’re doing and they are great at it!
— Jessica J.

Wedding Videography Packages

Trailer Package: The Trailer Package includes coverage from 10 AM to 8 PM by two videographers. The final product of this video is 3-5 minutes. Along with the final product, clients receive a lightly edited clip of the ceremony. This package is perfect if you are interested in reliving the moments that flew by far too quickly throughout the day.

Feature Package: The Feature Package is our more popular wedding package as it includes clips of special moments as well as the little details that you may not have had the time to appreciate on your wedding day. Coverage by two videographers begins at 10 AM and ends at 8 PM. The final product of this video is 6-8 minutes. Weather permitting, drone footage is included. Clients receive lightly edited clips of the first look, ceremony, speeches, grand march, mother/son dance, father/daughter dance, and first dance. 


Aerial Imaging

Aerial imagining may be Sam's favorite service we provide. There's just something about capturing the world from a view we do not have the ability to see everyday. Aerial imagining services are filmed with a drone and are captured in 4K. The final video product is 2-5 minutes and captures the scenic views of your business or property.



Services that fall under Freelance may include business advertisements, music videos, corporate events, documentary productions, narrative productions, and more. Together, we will combine our ambitious and innovative ideas to create a video product that matches your vision. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Sam Murphy

Hi there! My name is Sam Murphy and I am the founder of Welch Road Productions. My journey in content creation began in high school with a course in broadcast news. I discovered my interest for producing stories through visual art. After dabbling with the craft for a couple of years, my cousin asked me to film her wedding in 2014. As excited as I was for this opportunity, I had zero idea what I was doing, and I could not believe she trusted me enough.

Fast forward to the present day, Welch Road Productions has turned into my full-time passion. In addition to creating timeless wedding videos, I enjoy capturing candid moments on family trips, flying our drone over properties, and searching for the next adventure. I strive to tell a story through every video production. I cannot believe this is my career!

Outside of the business, I love traveling, playing basketball, and spending time with family and friends. I am a tech-geek and space absolutely blows my mind. I am a sponge for success stories, and constantly search for good reads about some of the world's most influential people. Cultivating new ideas and creating new businesses are conversations I'm always down to have. 

I'm ready to see where this business leads us.


Kayley Enzenbacher

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for checking out our page! I am the better-looking videographer of Welch Road Productions. Let me tell you a little about myself. My hobbies include creating realistic charcoal portraits, attempting to make decent DIY projects, watching Friends and the Office, hanging out with the absolute coolest nephews on the planet, and constantly searching for ways to make a difference in someone's life. I chose the teaching profession and I could not be happier with this decision. I adore watching young minds grow, and I appreciate the chances I receive to help them! When my fiancé, Sam, began this business, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make my biggest hope and dream come true; I aspire to share happiness, optimism, and love.

I joined the Welch Road Productions team in June 2016. I did so merely to support Sam as he began this journey, unknowing it would take off like this! After filming my first wedding, I quickly realized I wasn't too bad at this gig. A few weddings passed, we bought a second camera, and I was able to use my creativity to capture the most gorgeous moments. In June 2017, I challenged Sam to allow me to independently piece together a wedding video. Although he didn't actually have a say in it, he gave me the opportunity. I fell in love with editing. Now, Sam and I combine our completely opposite creative minds to produce timeless wedding videos that will stay with the couple and their family for the rest of time.

Images by Indian Summer Photography.